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As with EMERs the colour of the AESP binder indicates the security classification.


BLUE binders RESTRICTED and below

If AESPs of mixed security were to be filed together in a RED binder.

The pages of AESPs that are SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL should be coloured PINK or GREEN accordingly.

BLUE pages indicate immediate attention is required.


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42 minutes ago, Steve Bellerby said:

Thanks for responding so promptly.  I don't suppose that you know what shade of blue they were?

Hi Steve,

I have attached a photo of a pristine parts catalogue folder in pristine condition, ie no grubby paw prints on it! You should be able to see the shade of blue.


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I think you will find that blue card bolt-together or lace-together hard card folders are for WO/Army Coded publications typically for parts lists.

Unless they are extraordinarily large, parts lists in the AESP series are usually integrated with other sections of the AESP octad and presented in dark blue ring binders. EMERs through their various evolutions were in lighter blue binders, although later issues of EMERs turn up in the dark blue binders used for AESPs.



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