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EU to UK Import - Uaz 452

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Hi folks,

Looking to source a pre-1980 Uaz 452 in the near future. Numbers are low in UK so likelihood is that it will have to come from Europe.

Ive never imported anything and have only limited knowledge about registration and NOVA etc.


I’ve done some reading on gov.uk but as you can imagine it’s not laid out simply.

Could someone Give me some more info on the process? Will I need to pay VAT after import? Do I complete NOVA first then V55/5 etc? What docs do I need to ensure an age related plate is issued? I have a M1009 on Q plate and would like to avoid that.

Also, in theory, could I drive to Netherlands with a trailer and bring the Uaz back and then deal with all the paperwork once it is in the country or do I need to do anything before hand? I think you get 14 days to submit forms?



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Thanks all.

@robin33ba07 - looks like a nice example.

Main concern about importing is not being able to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase. And if getting it shipped not knowing if im going to be stung by HMRC.


Dont know if it’s worth getting a UK dealer to get one imported given that they could have it reliably inspected?



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