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Found 6 results

  1. I thought that this may be useful…. When I purchased my Bedford MWC, it came with a V5, but there was no date of manufacture declared and the Taxation class was Not Licenced. When using the DVLA Vehicle Check the Tax status showed “Not Taxed for on road use” I have waited until my truck is nearing completion and needed to get my V5 amended to show the right year of manufacture and the correct taxation class i.e. Historic Being a member of IMPS, I used them (Tony Lawrence) to supply me with verified dating information showing that my truck was manufactured in 1944. This along with my V5 was sent off to DVLA Swansea, just over three weeks later. A new V5 arrived with the declared date of manufacture being 1944. However the taxation class on the V5 was still showing Not Licenced. The following day a personalized letter arrived stating that I had to apply for change in taxation class using a V10. With hindsight I should have included this when I originally sent it off to the DVLA, however a person at DVLA said all I needed to send was my V5 and a covering letter. The Not Licenced taxation class is a convenient way for the DVLA to recognised vehicles that have no tax and have not been SORN’d. A typical case is when a vehicle was registered before 31st January 1988 but not taxed at this date. SORNs were introduced on 31st January 1988 and after this point if you didn’t tax your vehicle you had (and still have to ) SORN it. According to a freedom of information request at the end of September 2014, there were 204,598 vehicles that fell into this category. Next step, I changed my insurance from laid up to Fully Comprehensive. Duly filled in my V10 (application for vehicle tax) along with a V112 (MOT exemption declaration) Three weeks later my new V5 arrived with the correct taxation class The DVLA web site now shows A couple of recommendations… If you have an incorrect V5 (like mine) then; get a verified dating letter from a club that is authorised by the DVLA to authenticate applications for registering ex-military vehicles for road use. You have to send off the original signed copy (they will not accept photocopies etc). Send this off with a covering letter along with a completed V10 an V112 (depending on vehicle weight you may need to use a V112G). It is best to get your vehicle insured for road use. If you do not have a V5, then it is the same as above but you will also have to complete a V55/5 form (instead of sending off your V5) and send a cheque for the registration fee (see DVLA website for current prices) Hope this helps Cheers Richard
  2. Hi folks, Looking to source a pre-1980 Uaz 452 in the near future. Numbers are low in UK so likelihood is that it will have to come from Europe. Ive never imported anything and have only limited knowledge about registration and NOVA etc. I’ve done some reading on gov.uk but as you can imagine it’s not laid out simply. Could someone Give me some more info on the process? Will I need to pay VAT after import? Do I complete NOVA first then V55/5 etc? What docs do I need to ensure an age related plate is issued? I have a M1009 on Q plate and would like to avoid that. Also, in theory, could I drive to Netherlands with a trailer and bring the Uaz back and then deal with all the paperwork once it is in the country or do I need to do anything before hand? I think you get 14 days to submit forms? Cheers! Matt
  3. On my travels during the Autumn, I came across a WW2 vehicle that I am interesting in purchasing to restore (notice that I'm not saying what or where for obvious reasons). According to the old chap that owns it, it was bought from one of the Ruddington sales and worked in a local gravel quarry until it was laid up in the early 1980s. He bought it with the intention of restoring it but never got round to it. It has never been road registered. This got me thinking about the process of registering a vehicle of that age that has never had any paperwork. I have had a look on the internet and, frankly, my head is still spinning. I get the MVT verification bit - I have done that myself with other vehicles, its the HMRC bit that has me confused - it would seem that they have to be informed and provide an exemption certificate before DVLA will consider registration (even if it has never been out of the country). Exactly what process should I be considering? Can anyone point me in the right direction on this one, I would be very grateful!
  4. Hi all I have ferret which I am about to start restoring. The ferret is not currently registered with the dvla , and I am wondering what is the best time to try and get the ferret registered. Its currently not running, and no electrics are working. I suppose question is does it need to be road worthy before attempting to get the vehicle registered or is it good enough just to be a fairly complete vehicle ? any advice would be great. Cheers Darren
  5. Ah, yes - the DVLA. And it was all going so well.... Right - the synopsis so far.... I bought an ex-AFS Commer Q4 back in May which is now tucked up in deepest Suffolk awaiting TLC. Pending that TLC, I thought "..wouldn't it be a good idea to get it back on the road legally speaking?". It has a current V5 and isn't on SORN as it was last taxed back in 1995; it also has a plating and testing exemption issued by the Vehicle Inspectorate in 1994. The current taxation class is PLG, so I thought "..about time to change this to Historic..". Although the vehicle was manufactured in 1954/55, it wasn't registered for use with the Home Office until 1964 (although the reg mark issued was not a 'B' plate - it's the old style letters and numbers - other Q4s were issued B plates. Strange). I have a copy of the original Registration Book. Now, the V5 states that the date of first registration was 27th Jan 1964, so well pre-1974. However, through email and telephone correspondance with the DVLA yesterday, they will not budge on requiring proof of the manufacture date to re-classify it as Historic, even though they can see that the registration date easily pre-dates the Historic vehicle cut-off. Great. I have tried to contact the 'Commer and Karrier Club' as listed in the DVLA's own guide on organisations that can date vehicles or confirm the manufacturing date - no luck. Written three months ago - no response, telephone number doesn't work. The British Motor Industry Heritage folks I don't think have data for Commer vehicles. Can anyone recommend a good club that could help in dating the Q4, perhaps by seeing the vehicle in the flesh, confirming the chassis number and providing an extract from the Glass Guide? Cheers, Duncan.
  6. Hi, I've just purchased and am registering in my name a Ferret MK 1/2 VIN 3719 6 65. DVLA have written to ask for confirmation - taken from the vehicle, not the V5 - of VIN and weight. VIN I am sending aphot of the stamp, the plate has long gone. For the weight it asks for proof based on any of: a) Plating b) A copy of the certificate of conformity or submac ?? (it says submac = Subsequent Minister Approval Certificate issued by manufacturer c) Manufacturers confirmation of maximum design weight in UK d) Design Weight Certificate e) For mobile carnes ... clearly not applicable) The only weight indicators I have are general consensus ie looking for posts on HMVF. 'In Military Service' the book on the Rolls Royce B series which has a section on the Ferret, a couple of photocopied sheets which llok official giving the weights for each Ferret variant. V5 has 3,200 Kg other spec has 3,600 or 3,550 Kg Has anybody been through this process and what did DVLA accept - without necessarily going to a weighbridge. Also, why are they asking me to go through this when I am the 5th owner ?? I will anyway phone DVLA and ask what they might accept and report back. Simon
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