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  1. Thanks all. @robin33ba07 - looks like a nice example. Main concern about importing is not being able to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase. And if getting it shipped not knowing if im going to be stung by HMRC. Dont know if it’s worth getting a UK dealer to get one imported given that they could have it reliably inspected?
  2. Hi folks, Looking to source a pre-1980 Uaz 452 in the near future. Numbers are low in UK so likelihood is that it will have to come from Europe. Ive never imported anything and have only limited knowledge about registration and NOVA etc. I’ve done some reading on gov.uk but as you can imagine it’s not laid out simply. Could someone Give me some more info on the process? Will I need to pay VAT after import? Do I complete NOVA first then V55/5 etc? What docs do I need to ensure an age related plate is issued? I have a M1009 on Q plate and would like to avoid that.
  3. I'll let Lou know you're on the lookout for advice. Drop by our camp at W&P - same spot every year up the top of the Americas field. Matt
  4. They just be taking the p*** calling it a NOVA! 😂 Nothing surprises me with that lot... Let’s hope the issues will be resolved shortly. Thankfully mine is already registered - just want the dates corrected.
  5. Thanks for the info John. Are you able to explain the verification process? Do we need to take the vehicles to an MVT representative etc? Interested to know what I can look forward to! Also, the million dollar question... any ideas on when the service will resume? Are we talking months or years? Haha
  6. Following this thread as I am also trying to get a vehicle's age verified. My 1984 Chevy Blazer is registered with the DVLA as 1995 meaning come 2024 it won't be MOT exempt when it should be!
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