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Brake Shoe Return Spings LV7/GB GB.41241


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VAOS (Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores) Section LV7 covers components that are peculiar to British vehicles that are of non-standard design ie not to WO design. 

I have quite a few VAOS LV7 from various years & I can find no vehicle manufacturer with the code GB.

However GB, not surprisingly, is the code for identifying components made by  Girling Brakes that are listed only in VAOS Sections LV6 MT1 - MT15. Components in these sections are applicable to more than one vehicle type.

The Section LV6MT9 includes braking components. I believe that the spring has been wrongly catalogued as LV7/GB and should have been identified as LV6MT9/GB

I find that it was  later NATO codified as 2530-99-936-4716 looking at the earlier identifier is given as LV6MT9/GB41241, which confirms my suspicion.

So this could fit more than one vehicle type & I see was also used by Malaysia.



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