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WW2 tyres and rims


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A collection of WW2 and later tyres, some on rims.

FREE to collector as job lot only, must take the lot.

As follows;

2x 10.50 - 16 Pirelli Trak Grip + 8-stud rims,

1x 10.50-20 Dunlop Trak Grip + 8-stud rim,

2x 10.50-20 Dunlop Trak Grip tyres only,

4x 10.50-20 Goodyear chevron tyres only,

1x 9.00-13 Firestone sand pattern + 5-stud rim,

2x 10.50-16 Trak Grip tyres only,

1x 9.00-13 Avon + 6-stud rim,

2x 9.00-16 Goodyear sand pattern + 8-stud

2x 10.50-16 8-stud rims only, painted brown.

Located near Pershore, Worcestershire.









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If you’re collecting the lot, is there any chance I could give you a few quid for a pair of the 1050-20s and (possibly) the 9x16 sand tyres?

I have a pair of 1050-20s but would like to make a set of 4.  As you have 7 there, a pair would leave a set of 5 for a vehicle with a spare.

I can potentially trade for run flat inners if they’re of interest?

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