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Triumph 3HW, 3SW & 5SW clutch rod & operation


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I do need help on this one please.

My 3HW came without a clutch rod, I was given one that I was told was correct and it has a dimple in the end, which to me suggests it might use a ball bearing to run on as part of the system.

So some simple questions, is my clutch rod correct for the bike, should it have a dimple in the end, does it need a ball bearing to operate?

At the moment my rebuild is stuck as I can't get an answer to what I thought were simple questions that every Triumph owner would know.

Help appreciated..............Gareth

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Gareth there is a thrust button in the clutch pressure plate with a blind hole that I put a blob of grease in before assembly. The adjuster at the other end of the push-rod has a ball end. Both are available from Draganfly (look under pre unit twins, they're all the same)  Ron



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Thank you Ron, I am beginning to understand now, I have both items present and can see which way round the rod goes, so I can start reassembly.  I had something in the back of mind about about a ball bearing, but that was clearly not involved with the 3HW.   Thank you very much for your time!

I am desperately trying to get the bike ready for the Havenstreet 40's weekend and at the moment, for every one forward its two back.


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