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Matchless WD G3L battery box Holder


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Can anyone help with a close up picture of the battery box holder at the side of the top and also at the hinge ? I'm fabricating one based on a few pictures and what I have left, But cant tell if the hinge was separate and brazed/ welded on or it was all one piece.

Also where the two halfs meet up over the battery box, a picture I took at the W&P show a few years back show they are off centre.

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Here are some pix of my G3 and G3L that I already have on file if it helps. The bottom hinge appears to be welded on. You'd have thought they would have rolled it from the same piece of metal? I'll probably be around here all day if you need anything else or measurements. Ron

PS. Factory pictures included.


G3 173.jpg

G3 175.jpg

G3 177.jpg


Factory G3WO Detail Batterybox.jpg

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I've made a rough sketch of the closing parts. The hex head screws on mine are stainless steel copied from an original, but I made the thread a bit longer as the original was a struggle to reach. Ron



Scan_20190525 (2).jpg

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