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Royal Enfield WD/C


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First off a big thanks to Ron and Jan for there help etc before I picked this up, although originally it was a Mate who was interested in it and I'd contacted Ron who contacted Jan regarding info on the bike, some of you may of seen it at Kempton, my mate decided against it and i thought it may be a worthwhile restro or runner......

Picked it up Friday, the tank is not from the bike (It was sale item from Stuart bray who though it was Enfield but it isn't but will do for the time being.

Unfortunately the tank had been sold at Kempton as the seller didn't realise there was a bike for it.......

Ron and Jan give me the info I needed and made a deal. 

Give it a start today and it run fine, but after a few starts later the kick start had no drive, had a look at the clutch and the drum was loose, I tightened it up and everything then seemed tight........ removed the whole clutch and the centre was badly worn and had been binding on the inner case, I had seen a post regarding something similar on here ?

So need a new clutch centre, anyone know where ?

All in all very happy, I'm not stripping it as yet, just slowly going over a few bits and sourcing some of the missing parts. its easier to store as is at present as I've still got the Matchless in four corners of the workshop. 








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Well done on getting it running so soon Duke! 

The tank is BSA (Stuart should know that!) It looks like a Deluxe model but I don't recognize the cap to the left? I've only ever seen them in the center. The 'C' number (for what it's worth) is from contract C7287 for 17,000 WM20's in 1940/1.

Use your engineering skills to re-position the cap and it could be a valuable tank. 

The front mudguard is also BSA. But I can't make up my mind if it's WM20 or possibly another pre-war model? ....Still quite valuable though.  

Contact Hitchcock's and Burton Bike Bits in case they have anything. I see Hitchcock's have a tank for a G/J which would be nearer the mark but expensive.......Ebay of course!




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Thanks Ron, 

The tank came off a BSA M20 but he said it isn't a M20 one....... someone has welded the lugs on the front to fit it to a BSA.

In his description he mentioned possible Enfield. I'll get a few pics of it and post. 

I've searched high and low for a tank and they all seem to reside in Australia, postage is a killer. Jan offered me some controls so have emailed him and I'm also after one of his tool boxes. 

I need to contact Hitchcocks etc to see if they have a clutch inner/spider. I picked up a few things with the bike, including four Dunlop rims,  needed two for another Matchless build. 

More than happy to hear it start, but guessed it wouldn't take much, pity about the clutch as I was really enjoying myself. 




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OK on Stuarts tank! It's just that the wing nut filler cap definitely looks WD BSA?

It's surprising what Burton Bike Bits have got tucked away........Just that I have trouble finding stuff on their site......Best to phone them.  Ron

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Well it doesn't look a million miles away, but I'm baffled by the cap? It's obviously for a SV unless it's had a new bottom welded in? You might be able to fettle on, especially if you could fit a bayonet cap. 

I wonder if you could line it up at all. Considering that the front mounting on these is a swiveling thing. Royal Enfield seemed to change the shape of their tanks with every model back then. I've just measured a selection of mine. Front to back from the center of the arch shapes and they are around 17" -18". On the other hand you might find one in time.

Here is a genuine one from an early WD/C.  Ron





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If your baffled Ron then I'm really confused....... the bottom studs what are on it are way off but could make a bracket no problem to anchor to the fixing points.

 I noticed the WD/c and CO tanks, the outlets are behind the fixing points, , Bike be stripped for a long time so may find a decent tank before I need one but it will certainly do for time being. 

Regarding the clutch centre or spider as some call it, I mentioned it to Jan and he says the WD/C and CO are different, as in the main shaft size. I know the CO used Burman boxes for a certain contract but would of thought the 4 speed RE box standard ? 



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I believe that the Burman boxes were fitted to just one batch of 3000 bikes known as WD/CO/B. I guess there was a supply issue at the Albion factory? 

Your bike has a WD/C (Albion box) which has a thinner main-shaft spline for the spider that the heavier CO box.  The part number is G69....... (G69A for the CO box:- A = amended)  



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Thanks Ron,  I'll phone around tomorrow but I've got a feeling I'll be making one, anything on the box that will confirm what one it is? only ask as the bike does have a mis mash of bits etc. 



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Regarding the difference in the Clutch spider, is it just the internal diameter that is different or is the whole clutch different? 

I would say I've got a CO clutch on a C main shaft, looks like it was the rear that was just biting on the shaft where the diameter steps up although one part of the internal spline has been worn away so guess it was just haging on.........


Hitchcocks and Burtons didn't have any, but did speak to someone who may have some bits tucked away. I'll make a start on making one in the mean time. 






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