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2019 souvenir caps


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Of the 100 baseball caps I ordered, I think about 60 are already spoken for. I have the chance to order another 50 at the same price (£8). So if anyone wants one to collect (cash and carry) in France. Could you please let me know in the next few days. (on here or PM).... There are lots of guys that I know are going but haven't ordered any.


I don't want anyone to be disappointed but I also don't want any over.  Ron


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Hi Ron, very sorry I didn't manage to catch up with you at the campsite.We had a very busy time,so much to see and do. I was also kept busy during the week with a head gasket job on my brothers G3l,(Replacement donated by Chris Orchard - Owe him a big favour) gearbox mainshaft nut on my son's G3l ,dry clutch rollers protesting on Steve's G3l and the clutch trying to explode on Rob's 16H. A suspect voltage reg on my G3l meant a flat battery for me all week too.Then the other Steve's G3l had a mag "issue" and conked out just south of Salisbury on the way home in the rain, took a lift back to my workshop in the van...

So a busy,but very interesting and emotional time. Is it possible for you to post caps to me ? I am happy to pay whatever postage and packing is necessary.I would like at least three if they are available please.

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Hi Jon

Sounds like you had an eventful week, fortunately we had no breakdowns with my group, but I did see others falling by the wayside. The 60 bikes that I led on the Don Fife memorial run (75% in the rain) all made the 80-90 mile trip with no problems, likewise the 80 bikes that I took to Pegasus gathering at the museum made it there and back. (I'm told 160 bikes counted at the gathering).

Of the 150 caps that I took to France, I brought 3 back. 2 where ordered by a Dutchie who's since been in touch and the one that you ordered. I had plenty of spares, but was selling them to whoever asked, as I didn't want to be landed with them. I'll PM you my paypal details and cost. Cheers Ron

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Spoke to Someone you know Ron who was staying on the same site, I only met him by chance as I was wheeling my pushbike into the site and seen two WD bikes, Both Velocette's ............

Pushbike suffered too many punctures and the AJS had broke down, I had all manner of tools with me and wire etc but forgot to take the 12V components to do the conversion..... spent most of D Day pushing bikes..... still had a Great time as I was locating bunkers etc, some that are not well known. 

Back today after 890 mile round trip.......  


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