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Base Smoke Grenade Discharger - FV754931


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Base Smoke Grenade Discharger - FV754931

Starting to restore my spartan certain bits are missing and I need to recreate or buy in. The next job on my list smoke dischargers. Having read thorugh the posts on here and the searching the web I came up withthe sizes and dimensions for the tubes but not anything on the base. As we all know it is not mearly the foot print of the base that I need to know but also the angles of the tubes. I have tried to measure the angles with my phone using a protactor app on printed pictures but its not as easy as it sounds :)

Can any on please point me in the right direction to get these measurements or actually tell me what they are.

Thanks all



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10 hours ago, SirLanceUK said:

Hi Bob, 

did you have any luck? I have not had any other responses yet so I am moving forward with making a facsimile 

well trying


I do have 6 of them, sandblasted a while ago. Stamped on them is DISCHARGER No15 Mk1

FV730319. There is a short bit welded on that would be used to mount them but is easily removed.

Please PM me with your e-mail if of interest.

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