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Noob/Sprog/FNG with Royal Enfield WD

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Hi all

It says Pete on my discharge papers so I stuck with that.

Ex RN & SAMA82 of HMS Antrim, mistakenly (for a matelot) have found myself living near Sandhurst, UK.

I work in TV news, OB engineer/cameraman.

I found that destroyers and frigates can be a lot of hassle to keep and refurb' so last year I became the owner of a Royal Enfield 350sv WD C.

Bit of a short/long story... I've been going to Arromanches since 1984 when I helped refurbish an infantry landing craft for the museum there when I was serving in the RN. Made many good friends there including the mayor's daughter. I have also helped cover the various anniversaries in Normandy for a couple of TV channels. Last year I took one of my sons over at his request (most impressed by that) on the back of my motorbike and we had a great mini trip including copious beers with my old friends there who suggested I get over for the 75th anniversary and stay with them. A couple of weeks later that annoying little light bulb went flash in my tiny brain and saw me purchase the Royal Enfield 1944 motorcycle. So this year instead of working over there, I made sure well in advance I had booked leave and some of you may come across me probably broken down in the lovely hedgrows or.. more likely... having bierres in Arromanches.

As I took part in the landings in San Carlos in 1982 I'm possibly going to lay a wreath in recognition of these young guys who did so much 38 years before me.

The bike is in running order but as all of you will know..... the spanners/wrenches are at play!

Just a little reminder of what a lovely place Arromanches is, a simple phone video I did of the flypast 6th June 2014


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