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Fording Trials Branch REME

Keith Sanders

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hello all,  very late to the game,

my father was REME (Vehicles Tiffy),   much of the content here brings back happy memories, and i am doing research.

Dad was posted to Fremington/Instow 1969, I was about 4 years old at the time,  had an idyllic childhood in that period, we used to get lifts on 'ducks' out to Crow point on the weekend, and other fun stuff.  (indeed love the place so much, i settled back down after my service and live in Fremington,  and walk on Instow beach frequently.


Dad spent a lot of time with RASC, RCT on LCT and DUKW,

1960 - 1963 - 46 SQN RASC LCT - out in the far east

including Brunei, Borneo, Malaya operations

later at Gosport with 20 LCT REGT RCT  (72 SQN, and 73SQN)  did a tour of Bahrain 66/67

(he talked about trips up to St. Kilda on the resupply runs)

1969-72 18 Amph sqn RCT Wksp, Fremington/Instow

1972 18 TPT Sqn WKSP (NI)


if there is anyone out there who can identify any of the following, would be fantastic.


LCT Crew, I think in Scotland: Dad sitting third from left (nice to see 2 fellow scaleybacks on the crew  🙂 )



on LCT 1966/67 - Bahrain




one of the LCT he was on:




and a postcard of LCT on St. Kilda run






Getting his LS & GC in 1972, not sure if this is in Fremington or Instow,  looks like Fremington,  he was a bit hacked off, as he had to do 18 years, and shortly after undetected crime was reduced to 15.....


18 SQN

officers, wo's and senior ranks , outside what was the officers mess in Fremington, he is standing in the middle , think this is circa 1969, fresh of his tiffy course,  lovely building is now a care home,  I live about 500 yards away, and Fremington camp is no more, is a housing estate, however they have kept on of the 'spider' buildings intact as a community centre.



If anyone is in these, and/or recognises my dad, please message me,   would love to hear from you

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