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  1. OK, its all a long time ago, maybe at 88 years old the memory plays tricks. As a driver I did not do any preparation work. I just drove anything that required moving. I was short of a license for a track laying vehicle so took the test on the road in a 434? I think. It was the one with the Hiab crane. Generally I was involved with BARV, DUKW, Stalwart and Scammell down to Landrover and Austin 1800 staff car. Usually vehicles stayed in the workshop until they were proved capable of driving down a Landing craft ramp and wading ashore. With the Scammell Explorer there was a lowloader trailer with detachable rear wheels for loading. I have forgotten the make. Can anyone help please
  2. I think Wally is correct. It is an AEC, if I remember correctly it was in the early seventies and I collected this prototype from Woolwich Arsenal where had undergone artillery trials. We then had it at FTB for Wading Trials as can be seen here. By this time most new vehicles had most of the waterproofing built in which mostly led to the demise of FTB in 1979. The establishment then became ATTURM. My memory of driving this vehicle around the South Circular on Michelin X tyres was like steering a jelly.
  3. Thanks Steve, silly mistake. I should know better as the BARV was Centurion based. The first was designed at FTB then the Royal Ordnance factory at Leeds built another five or six. I`m not sure as they were often changed around. there was always one on "Fearless" and one on "Intrepid" I once taught a R A F helicopter pilot how to drive a BARV though only on the beach and not in the water.
  4. 4138 waterproofing course proving it`s work, wading in the sea at FTB Instow 4139 Beach armoured recovery vehicle (BARV) recovering failed landrover on ramp of LCM 4140 BARV recovering failed Chieftain using crossed tow ropes 4141 The later Stalwart (MarkII?) with a self-recovery winch under the cab. We later did trials with this and a rocket fired anchor, see 0006. That`s me on the cab roof. 4142 Chieftain river crossing trials at Wyke Regis, near Weymouth. The Stalwart was the diving team`s support vehicle and I was driving. The Chieftain was totally submerged and controlled remotely from the top of the tower. 4143 A Centurion variation used by the Royal Engineers 0005 I was asked to take local council members in my Stalwart to inspect damage to Bideford bridge when an arch collapsed
  5. Was that the one with four-wheel steering/two wheel steering or Crab steer(the two axles turning in the same direction)? I remember once collecting one from a "flat" at Barnstaple station having never even seen one before and then driving it back to FTB.
  6. Hi David, I have several prints of vehicles wading, some of a BARV etc. I also have a group photo of all the staff taken shortly before FTB closed. I will copy some of the prints and send as an e-mail if you are interested. (keith@sandersonline.net)
  7. I worked as a civilian driver at FTB for 12 years before the unit was taken over by the Royal Marines in 1979. for most of that time I was driving the Scammell recovery, including a trip from Instow to Harrogate and several trips to Aldershot, all towing the lowloader trailer with a load. I also drove a Stalwart, including an amphibious landing in Northern Ireland.
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