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Land Rover S2A - Malta


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Hi all,

Thanks for the add.


I own an early Series 2A (Rover 8/2) of military registration 04DM59. My final aim is finish a nut and bolt restoration and get her looking as close to original spec as possible. From what I know it was shipped to Malta in early 1962 and likely spent its entire career here until it got struck off in March 1969. Unfortunately the RLC no longer have any information on it. It is a GS version fitted in preparation for conversion to FFR and I am the third owner since military release. I will certainly have more questions at a later stage in the restoration.


My initial aim is to gather as much information as I can from this period, particularly anything that involves British military service in this part of the world. Have any of you got any photos of military vehicles in Malta during the 50s and 60s? Or perhaps even better someone of you served here doing that period? Any photographic evidence would help even if it is not Land Rover related.








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That image of 04DM62 is in Malaya. The crest on the wing is 28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade.  I have another photo of it in service stolen from Pete Marsden on the internet! He learnt to drive in it.

The next closest vehicle to the OP's vehicle is 04DM70. That was stolen from Trevor Shelley who I think took the photo of it when it served with 11 Sqn, RE in 1969?

04DM62 - Rover 8 GS - 11 Ind Fld Sqn RE - Malaya - 1965-67 - Pete Marsden.jpg

04DM70 - Rover 8 GS - 11 Sqn, 2 Trp, RE - 1967-69 - Trevor Shelley.jpg

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Thanks for the help, highly appreciated.

Anyone here served in Malta, has relatives who did or has any pictures from that era? It is a shame that little photographic evidence is accessible online for British military vehicles in Malta. I was always of the opinion that the 50s, 60s and 70s were the golden age for military vehicles.

Thanks again.   

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IMHO   ,   the problem is that  'most'  only had a box Brownie , or 1960's on a Kodak Instamatic (I traded my original most basic for a advanced with abt. 3 lens settings in 1970).  Handing in cassette or cartridge over counter at Boots or mail order packet was always  £ extortion.  1977 - I purchased my first through lens SLR ,  a Zenit   (eastern block|)   LoL

A friend doing teacher training late 1960's had to work in his old mans photographic shop , they were always laughing about the quantity of Brownie they had returned due to the lens falling out  !

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