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16" & 18" Split wheels for 1.5 ton Chevy Trucks...


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Hello All,

I am trying to obtain more information regarding 16" or 18" split rims fitted to some Australian, New Zealand and Indian pattern trucks during WWII... The wheels used were 16" & 18" with a 10 x 7.25 bolt circle, but with a special hub up front.. Please see photos.

My understanding regarding the specifications of these wheels is the following:

1- 16" (8 bolt) x 6.5" fitted with 9.50-16 or 10.50-16 bar or sand tires...

2- 18" (12 bolt) x 6.5" fitted with 11.00-18 bar or Chevron tires.

Any information confirming the width of these wheels as well as the backspace and offset would be much appreciated. I would also be interested in these wheels (Mainly 16") and hubs if they can be sourced...

Thank you.

GM XMSD Truck Australia.jpg



Chev Truck SA 01.jpg

Chev Rims.jpg

Chev Picture 001.jpg

1940 Australian 10 Stud Hub.jpg

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