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  1. Hello Barry, Beautiful work... What are the dimensions of your new tire please? Height, width and sidewall? Thank you...
  2. Got yourself one beautiful machine there mate! Fantastic work...
  3. If anyone is interested in 10.50-16 sand tires have a look here... Trying to make this a GO also. Thank you. http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=30962
  4. Beautiful model, that requires talent and lots of patience...
  5. Indeed, for it would be a royal pain in the b----cks to do it twice on account of a bad throw out bearing or transmission... The work you're doing seems monumental, since all I have ever done are jeeps; and now trying to do a replica Chevrolet WA (30 CWT) LRDP, which is a real challenge in terms of certain parts to give it some originality...
  6. Glad to see that you're getting close, great looking rig... The most exciting part will be when you test drive it for the first time without the cab!
  7. Beautiful amazing work... True talent combined with great resources.
  8. They sure look like Chevrolet's to me, if not what model Ford?...
  9. Hello All, I am trying to obtain more information regarding 16" or 18" split rims fitted to some Australian, New Zealand and Indian pattern trucks during WWII... The wheels used were 16" & 18" with a 10 x 7.25 bolt circle, but with a special hub up front.. Please see photos. My understanding regarding the specifications of these wheels is the following: 1- 16" (8 bolt) x 6.5" fitted with 9.50-16 or 10.50-16 bar or sand tires... 2- 18" (12 bolt) x 6.5" fitted with 11.00-18 bar or Chevron tires. Any information confirming the width of these wheels as well as the back
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