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3HW foot rest, has it been damaged & repaired? and a stud


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Merry Christmas to one and all, plus a quick couple of questions.

Has my nearside foot rest been damaged and twisted back to a usable position at some time in the past?

The line of thing just doesn't look right to me.

My next is a bent and partly stripped stud, I can't remember where it goes to find its part number, any ideas chaps?


Happy New Year..........Gareth



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Your footrest looks bent. Clamp the part that sits against the chaincase in a vice so that the next part of the footrest is vertical. The part you put your foot on should be at 90 degrees in both planes to your vice. It's obvious once you set it in your vice. They will bend cold with a bit of tube for leverage, but much safer if you get it cherry red with a welding torch......Bring it to me if you want......I'm near Bournemouth. 

If your stud is 3/8"? I don't know for sure, but somehow it looks like the brake pedal pivot.  Ron

3HW 185.jpg

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Thanks Ron, I will do the vice check.  Heat is no problem my mate has both a gas axe and a forge so we can get it nice and toasty.

The stud is 3/8, so may be the pedal pivot.  The problem is, I foolishly bought two basket case bikes thirty years ago and although the 3HW was built to about 80% rolling chassis.  Three house moves and a divorce meant all the fastenings belonging to it and a rigid 49 BSA B31 became sort of mixed up.  Now I am trying to sort them out, as it would be nice to hear the bike run, I never have as yet.



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