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Unusual Saracen


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When I was a member of a TA unit at RAF Leeming in N Yorks as part of an ADR (Airfield Damage Repair) RE Squadron.

We had as part of our allocation of Heavy plant, Bedfords and Landrovers a couple of Saracens used for Airfield reconniscence.

The unusual thing about these 2 vehicles was that they had an armoured glass cupola over the commanders hatch so a recce could be carried out in a secure fashion.

This did reduce the amount of escape routes available to the crew.

Does anyone know of any photos of these vehicles either at Leeming or one of the other RAF Stations in the eastern half of the UK that had these allocated.

I neglected to get a photo of them before they were replaced by similarly fitted Sultans.

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9 hours ago, RAFMT said:

No Saracens yet, but I did find this interesting leaflet in the RAF Museum collection





My unit was the same set up but we were 234 fd sqn const RE

I was actually doing the same job with 234 that I did in Regulars with 52 Fd Sqn Const RE at Perham Down Tidworth.

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