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Ural 4320.

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Welcome my name is Miklos. I found your sit. I have a original 10,000km run Ural 4320 truck and one original uaz 469. I'm collecting other military vehicles.I send you my picture of my car.I'm kind of friends with collectors. 

 If you have a Ural/Zil, Kraz, Gaz... or other eastern block vehicle please feel free to drop me an email at  kiscsepi@gmail.hu I am always happy to hear from anyone else in the UK or anywhere else who owns one of these vehicles and exchange technical information and sources of parts etc.

sorry I am Hungarian, I speak little English. I look forward to your friends.

Thank you ( :5a8c0c4a41e54_IMG_41891.thumb.jpg.f0d96dc876d52729337689d5b8f39f57.jpg

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It will be ready soon. Brake completely renewed / revised. (works perfectly) Engine in operation / reliable. There are a couple of little things left and it's 100% functional. I'll send a few photos to those interested!

I am very happy to answer any questions (( :


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11 hours ago, woodsmoke7 said:

Hello again. Not a collector one kraz is enough for me! The first time it started I knew I had to have it! Not as practical as your Ural but good all the same.

Looks really good. Do you have a Ural 4320 truck? Will you send me a picture of Kraz?

My Email Address: arnim1993@gmail.com

444499508_kalo_(9)1.thumb.JPG.6113226bbfd53d0932279c658a4c2ff6.JPG This is the scrapped (kraz) warehouse of the Hungarian army. They were all for sale.

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15 hours ago, woodsmoke7 said:
15 hours ago, woodsmoke7 said:

Hello no I don't have s Ural,slthoe I like them very much a little more practical than a kraz. There were pictures BN of my truck on here but I can not find. If you look on Facebook my truck is on there it's called 'Kraz Devon'. 

Hello. Your Kraz is in very good shape. does it have a factory turbo engine? Gvozdika engine can be put in, without any modification, and turbo! Which country did you manage to buy from? German / Czech? How much trouble is purchasing parts?   Be careful not to go with 90 km / h more, because the engine will be valve, Traveler speed 70-80km / h.
If the steering wheel is heavy, replace the seals, then it will be like butter!   We have tons of spare parts for them. And lots of cars, Ural, kraz, zil..stb from the locked stock of the Hungarian army.    Do you come to Hungary?  You could check my cars.

Locked Krazs were stopped at 100 mph. Brand new, many went to the melting shop :(     Brand new booths, lots of bodywork. Fortunately, they can still get any parts they need.    Ural/Kraz,gaz66... BIG_0004396705.jpg.862279a4b1051fcbab92664cdec8b1d0.jpg


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This kraz has been in the UK from late 1980's. It was in the czech army as radar truck medium to low contacts I think.

It was in the film 'reign of fire' and a James bond film.

She has the yamaz 238 in her non turbo as standard.

I got parts from an eBay seller based in Moscow, very reasonable prices as I'm not a rich man!

She used to over heat always so new head gaskets,studs,and thermostats were fitted.

She runs well now,I like how easy it is to work on.

Steering was heavy,I have flushed the system and adjusted the steering ram,it seems lighter to operate now.






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