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Armstrong MT500 for sale


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Selling my 1985 Armstrong MT500; its a nice complete, straight, original machine as cast by the Army with all the bits it should have.  The motor was recently rebuilt by Force Motorcycles with new piston, gaskets, etc and it has a new rear chain.  Has correct pannier frames and a couple of serviceable correct bags.  Cosmetically good, but on SORN because the wiring needs sorting.  Previous owner had upgraded the fuse box, etc but has mucked up the wiring.  I have too many projects to make a start on it but its available for what I paid for it...£1300.  No offers; I will keep it and fix it.....eventually....if no one wants it at that price, but its a shame to have a good bike standing idle. I am in Kent.  Pic below shows its bones while I was cleaning it up.  No rust!


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I forgot to add that it also has a new Mikuni carb (more efficient than the Amal, they say, and reputedly makes it easy to start, tho' I have never had a problem) and the speedo indicates 34k miles. Tyres, lights, etc good.  I have owned both the Harley MT350 and a couple of Armstrong MT500s and the latter is (IMHO) a much nicer ride having more grunt.

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I do indeed, but I have now nearly sorted the wiring and its all back together.  The lights all light now as does the neutral indicator.  It is an easy starter....very easy, but the ignition switch does not turn off the engine!  Its a sort of magneto set up and just needs one of the connections to be earthed to stop it, so that should be an easy fix.  Just not had time to do it.

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