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Is "Classic Military Vehicle" correct: M/V market?


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CMV has an article under its "Military Vehicle Market" column ("Be Careful What You Spray") that presents some conclusions that raised my eyebrows! I quote:


"We are now seeing specialist restorers like BAIV in Holland taking large stands to proudly show off their restorations............the whole dynamics of the restoration and rebuild sector has changed dramatically in recent years and there are now more armour restoration specialists than any other type of military vehicles"


Really? How do they know? Maybe this assertion is based on advertising revenue? Its not what I see. For every BAIV, I see dozens of small workshops, artisans, one-man bands, doing all kinds of fabrication in all kinds of MV.


The article goes on to say:


"We have seen more and more 'super collectors' amassing fleets of armoured projects and pumping good money into investment restorations............Now the standard is to recreate [armour] how it came out of the factory. And owners will pay the price to achieve that level. Without a doubt, the military vehicle hobby is no longer the poor relation of the collectors' vehicle world."


Hmmmm. As well as finding this outlook profoundly depressing ( is this REALLY THE MV scene we want?), if true, it is no wonder fewer folk are able to afford to join in. But I will stick with my feeling that such stuff is merely good journalistic fare to keep those advertisers happy! Pretty much in line with another assertion in the article that "we are seeing very few Series Land Rovers up for dale now." REALLY? [The writer must get out more!]

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Yeah - the Series market does seem to be particularly buoyant right now. Thinking I might have to increase the agreed value on my '73 FFR because its currently at £2500 but looking through sales adds recently a figure of £4,500 seems more apropos.


Good point on BAIV though... Wandered onto their stand last year to look at the Comet they had and almost fainted at the price tag - then had a very nice chap try selling me half-tracks in progressively worse states of disrepair based on how much I told him I was skint and unemployed. To be fair he and his boss did have a laugh with me when I suggested, tongue in cheek, that if they had any vacancies for IT specialists I would then be in the market to buy one - with an employee discount!! :cool2:

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