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Protect Biggin Hill St George's RAF Chapel of Remembrance

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According to an e-mail received today the council gave the development the go ahead at a public meeting last night. :(


A big 'Thank you' to all of you who came to show support at the Council Meeting on 25th.

We understand there was a pre-meeting at which the attending Councillors were virtually 'whipped' into line to support the motion, so despite my three minute appeal, and courageous opposal from three Councillors, as expected the decision went against us.

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According to an e-mail received today the council gave the development the go ahead at a public meeting last night. :(


The 3rd paragraph in the email, show that the campaign is still going on.


Despite this we are committed to continuing the fight, and thanks to someone contacting the BBC, last Friday 28th we had a short spot on both BBC London and South East 6.30pm News, filmed at the Chapel. Since then the Petition figures have exceeded 9,000 and still rising, so please keep spreading the word, and use any contacts you may have and we could reach 10,000.

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Below is the update that Rita has sent out to all the people who signed the petition. If you haven't signed (18,618 have) please see the 2 BBC news reports on www.downe-kent.org.uk and I hope that this will encourage a few more to sign then perhaps the chapel will be saved.


The last time I updated you we hoped for 15,000 signatures prior to presenting our Petition, but it now looks as if we are going to exceed 20,000. WOW - thank you all for your continuing efforts.

On Battle of Britain Day Friday 15th September, I, along with a group of Bromley residents, went to Westminster to deliver our Petition to three Secretaries of State and the Prime Minister.

However, the London Borough of Bromley continues to attempt to discredit our Petition, and they remain adamant that their plans will move forward. The gates of the Chapel are chained and contractors have been observed in the grounds. THE REMOVAL OF 26 TREES AND SHRUBS AND THE DEMOLITION OF THE VESTRY COULD OCCUR AT ANY TIME, SO PLEASE DO ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF TO GET THIS HALTED.

To view the two BBC TV news reports please click here to go to the Downe Village Website where they can be accessed below the Orchard item: www.downe-kent.org.uk

The second report shows the Battle of Britain Service held on Sunday 17th September, after which members of the Choir left in tears, vowing never to sing again in the Chapel if the Vestry is demolished.

The Petition will remain open, come what may, so please keep forwarding it to all sympathetic contacts.


Thank you all,








Rita Radford started this campaign on the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You website. If there's an issue close to your heart that you'd like to campaign on, you can start your campaign here.

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