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Mechanical Transport Census c1918


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Some years ago, I asked if any forum members could identify a document for me. Unfortunately, nobody was able to help at that time and I thought I’d try again as new information will have emerged since my last post. The document that I’m looking for seems to have been the results of a census of mechanical transport that was still in British Army service at the end of the war. It appears to have listed vehicles by manufacturers and by model. I first suspected the existence of this document on reading Bart Vanderveen’s Observer’s Army Vehicles Directory to 1940. On page 202, for example, he says of the Daimler CC 3 tonner, “366 in service in 1918 as well as 1818 Model CB, 2561Model Y and several other types plus 113 Daimler/LGOCs”. He was also able to say how many had been impressed for service rather than directly purchased. I see that similar figures appear in some of the photograph captions in Tim Gosling’s excellent book. Can anyone tell me what this document is and where I could find a copy, either in print or on line? My e-mail address is: northduk(at)googlemail(dot)com Gordon McLaughlin

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Bruce Robertson quoted what i guess was the same thing in Wheels of the RAF. So it must have been around somewhere.


EDIT: Scratch that. Actually took a look at TNAs website, and it appears they are different documents. Try an advanced search, looking for "transport" "returns" with ref WO (war office you could also add AIR and ADM for a more complete picture) and it looks like a series of MT returns for different theatres. Obviously you would then need to visit to take a look!

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Many thanks to all who replied. It certainly looks as if the National Archives are the next step. I'd begun to think that the figures came from more than one source and my interest certainly extends to RFC/RAF and Admiralty vehicles so I'd need to be looking for separate sources for the different services. If anything useful turns up, I'll post the details here. Thanks again, Gordon McLaughlin

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