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Ferret wheel cylinders question - Rebuild vs buy NOS?

Wayne P

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[cross posted on the Ferret Facebook group]


Wheel Cylinder Options (again). Thanks for all of the input on the wheel cylinders. I've been making some inquiries and I thought I would share the results and ask for advice.


Marcus Glenn has NOS fronts and rears for 145 GBP + Shipping


Bannisters has the same NOS fronts and rears for 120 GBP + shipping


White Post rebuilds the cylinders for $85 each (master cylinder is $225 for a rebuild/resleeve).


Apple Hydraulics, rebuild and resleeve is $85 + $30 additional for stainless steel. They don't appear to have done Ferret cylinders before.


Questions for the smart people here:


- The new ones come with new parking brake assembly cables, etc. Getting the cable off of the old ones was a bear (as some of you know). Getting it back together may be a bear too (as some of you know). There would seem to be an advantage to getting the entire assembly?


- The NOS ones from Marcus Glenn and/or Bannisters - I'm not sure how old the seals would be in these units? Would that be a concern (it normally is with the parts that we sell), although I have also seen 20+ year old NOS parts that are perfectly fine too. A lot depends upon how they were stored. Still, it's always better to get newer stuff (although newer seals may not be made as well as older seals, so you have that issue as well)


- If cost were not a factor (it's not really in this case, they are similar in cost), then which path would you choose and why? I'm thinking that the newer ones from Bannisters would be a good option, although those guys don't take PayPal *or* credit cards so it's somewhat difficult to pay them (wire transfer only). I've ordered parts from Marcus Glenn (they require that you physically mail them that DeMil form to have on file), so there shouldn't be a delay there.


- How easy is it to disconnect the parking brake cables from the chassis end (not the wheel cylinder end) for replacement? I have not looked into that yet. I am planning on removing the batteries anyway so that we can adjust the rear parking brakes anyway.


Your expert feedback and comments are much appreciated! Thx



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I have seen you n the facebook group although you wont recognise me from there.


First of all can I suggest you add where you are in the world so it shows in the top right of your posts, it helps others in replying to you.


I find the FB groups don't archive information well but searches n this forum reveal a wealth of information if you delve skilfully.


You have not added the shipping and import duty and or brokerage fees for importing from overseas.


Also I would day that if you can buy locally (price not withstanding) then the opportunity to get recourse on a problem locally is always better as when you stand on the doorstep you often get better serice than hollering down the phone or exchanging emails over great distances.


We in Ontario are using John Stuart Power Brake in Ontario.


Hope this helps

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