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French PRC-10 power supply question


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Hello all. I've been away quite a while but am back and seeking info. Several years ago, I found a French STTA ER-79A dated 11/76 and the STTA DY-27-B power supply that goes with it. I have just now been able to have time to see if I can get it up and running. As I understand it, the ER-79A is the French equivalent to our Prc-10 except with slightly different frequencies. I have read on the net that the DY-27-B will power it using 8 D cells wired in series for 12 volts. When I got it, it came wired with the male plug like what would go in the cigarette lighter female hole in the old days. I guess a better way to say it is it is set up I think to use a 12 car battery receptacle. Also it came with two of the black plastic battery boxes (each set up for 4 D cells) so the DY-27-B could use D cells instead of the car battery plug. I guess these are two separate ways the DY-27 could be powered. My question to you folks that know a lot more than me about this stuff, is would it hurt to use the 12 volt car battery setup because that has higher amperage than the 8 D cells? Not sure if I said that right but I don't want to blow up my radio. Just because the DY-27 came setup for a car battery doesn't necessarily mean the guy ever really tried it or maybe he did and it blew the radio. It would be more convenient for me to use a car battery but don't want to hurt the radio.The car wiring setup from the previous owner does have an inline fuse of 5A 32 V which sounds way to high. Any thoughts from y'all would be most welcome!!! Mr. Administrator, if you feel I would be better served by reposting this in American radios since it relates to the PRC-10, please feel free. Thank you.

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I see you say our prc10 so guess you are in the USA,i have a British a41 which is almost identical and have used a French psu for a prc19 to power it although it was removed from the case with the protruding pins and runs nicely from 2 1.2Ah sla batteries all fitted into the old battery case(the waxy one)which then slots into the metal case,i did not change any wiring and the plug fitted so maybe i was lucky and did not have a smoke leak but check with somebody knowledgeable than myself and if you can avoid it do not butcher the case!

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