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27th July, What a busy day in history!

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On this day in 1876, Colonel Custer was beaten at the battle of the Little Big Horn. (I always feel there's a smutty association with that title.)


On this day in 1914, Austria/Hungary declared war on Serbia, beginning WW1. What an appalling day that was.


On this day in 1936, the Spanish Civil War started, in Morocco, with an Army revolt led by General Franco. He was still in power when I started going to the Costas.


On this day in 1940, The Luftwaffe sent 70 planes to bomb targets in South Wales, beginning The Battle of Britain.


On this day in 1944, the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler took place.


On this day in 1976 the raid on Entebbe took place.


I have tried to refrain from too much comment, over to you.


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