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9x9 tent erection question


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Hey, probably a stupid question but....


I've just bought a 9x9 tent and before I try to put it up and look a total numpty....


Which poles go where?? I understand there are long poles and short poles...... which are which??





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2 shorts front to back, longs side to side, i think, might be the other lol. Put the roof section of poles toegether, then lay canvas over, lift up one side at a time and add legs, then un fold drop canavas down. Reverse to put away, use roof section to fold it up on, sides in, then ends and foldy fold and drop on to floor between roof poles. Easier to put back up, just need to know what way the door is!!!


Hope that helps!!!

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From an old thread, "Instructions for Erecting, Striking and Packing:-





That's brilliant, thank you. I did a search, but obviously not well enough.....

Just for the record...... the shortest poles go from the ridge to the corners and the long poles join together to form the side rails.

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