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  1. I’m no expert in the law, I fear the above probably still applies...
  2. I looked into this a few years ago. Astonishingly quite a few insurance companies exclude use in the arena or more specifically anywhere that the road traffic act does not apply. One very popular company that advertises widely in the military vehicle press and even sponsors shows told me that they only cover the vehicle on the road, driving onto the field for the first time and driving off the field after the show had closed. Any other vehicle movements were not covered. By definition, the arena is an area where the general public are excluded and therefore the road traffic act does not
  3. I cant add much to what is listed above..... the Clansman throat mike and single earpiece setup uses the standard 7 pin Clansman plug and would interface with any Clansman intercom system. The only down side is the PTT is built into the throat mike/headset assembly and would require pushing to talk. I guess this could be "overcome" with a soldering iron....?? I'd run some tests first before committing to too much money. It is worth noting that on the Clansman 349 throat mike, only one of the "blobs" is active.... the other is just to balance the assembly on the neck.
  4. I use the Racal ANR headsets in my Ferret. The microphone is super directional and does not pick up background noise. Id the genuine wind shield is fitted, you almost have to have the microphone touching your lips. But when you do, it is very "readable" by the other users.
  5. It's probably not much help, but the Landrover in the background to this shot has them fitted. I believe the owner was active in the Norfolk MVT, but may have sold the vehicle.
  6. Just for completeness .... 6 years on and eventually I purchased the Ferret in question. It still had the GPMG mount installed and and no gun. I managed to acquire an approximation of an L37 ..... it is a basic steel replica. Not perfect, but at a good secondhand price, so can't grumble. I did pass up a deact L37 at quite a reasonable price, which I am kicking myself about now. I'm now working on converting the replica to oxy/gas operation.
  7. Just to further complicate an already fuzzy area..... If driving in an arena ..... an area where the public are excluded ........ the RTA does not apply..... thats kind of fairly clear...... You may or may not be insured at that point ........ I have investigated a number of military insurance policies and more than one of the popular brokers is selling this policy. It is underwritten by Lloyds too!! But specifically EXCLUDES arena events. Any arena, any parade, however tame..... excluded.... no insurance. Have a prang with another vehicle and you are not covered.
  8. Hi, Dean AKA G7PFN here..... not really done much with my ticket in recent years.... Just acquired a Ferret and intend to put a 353 in it as soon as funds recover. It currently has a Clansman intercom system so will integrate well. My be tempted on to the 4 and 6 meter bands then!!!
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