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Identification: Canvas sheet vehicle related BEF 1940 ww2


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Hey guys


I recently cleaned up a house In Northern France (area of Hondschoote). One of the items I found is this grouping of a canvas sheet and leather sheets.


I'm certain that those items are related.

The canvas sheet is approximately 2.5 on 3 metres. It's water resistant (like the ponchos), and quite heavy. It's marked BMB Ltd 1939 W/|\D FRONT.

Some parts of this canvas sheet are in green leather. The same leather as the leather sheets...


The leather sheets (2 pieces) are in green leather. On the back of 1 of them I can read Connolly London (On internet I read they made also seats for spitfires). On one of the leather sheets There is a back in canvas with a kind of pouch (map case??) in it.


So i'm certain that the large canvas sheet is functionally related with the leather sheets.


Is there somebody who recognizes this? or could give his opinion on this items.










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Hi Tommy


The large canvas looks to be the cover for a truck, the square parts are usually mesh for "windows" the green leather parts look to be the tops of a standard size cushion for vehicle seats. They are usually part of a seat pad about 3" thick, stuffed with horse hair. It could be Rexine rather than leather.


Could the mesh have been replaced by the rest of the cushion material?



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