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  1. Hey guys I recently cleaned up a house In Northern France (area of Hondschoote). One of the items I found is this grouping of a canvas sheet and leather sheets. I'm certain that those items are related. The canvas sheet is approximately 2.5 on 3 metres. It's water resistant (like the ponchos), and quite heavy. It's marked BMB Ltd 1939 W/|\D FRONT. Some parts of this canvas sheet are in green leather. The same leather as the leather sheets... The leather sheets (2 pieces) are in green leather. On the back of 1 of them I can read Connolly London (On internet I read they made also s
  2. Hello I'm a ww2 collector, especially the 1940 campaign. I'm interested in the BEF part, Belgian campaign and France campaign... I live near Dunkirk and sometimes I find some genuine ww2 items on attics, caves, farms,... Some items are difficult to identify. Especially the vehicle related items. I found some that I will post in the pre-war section. I already have a nice collection, but I continue searching items that I save from garbage dump. Thanx for helping me out with the identification of some items. I'm also happy to help other people. Greetz Tommy4
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