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From France

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Hi all,


My name is Jimmy, I leave close to Paris up north (I am French).

Recently purchased a Land Rover 109 FFR Series 3 from LJackson and received it in France.

The vehicle was assigned to the BAOR and stayed in Germany a good 20 years under NATO organization.

Since then I am experiencing quite a number of problems mainly on the electrical aspect.

Went through a lot of reading from Clive's documentation and advises (which is really amazing), and trying to progress.


I am sure I will have a lot of requested in the near future.


Glad to join the forum.





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Thanks for the offer Clive, but yes, it is a bit too far (for now !)

I will put all my findinds and questions in a separate post in the appropriate area of the forum, and I am sure a lot of it will be very familiar to you !



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When you do Jimmy the essential things to know that often people forget to mention are:


1. Did it once work in your ownership or did you buy it not working?

2. Is the fault there all the time?

3. What is the basis for saying it is not working? eg Charging, is it the charge light being on, the battery volts low - where did you read the voltage or just difficult to start?

3. Have you or a previous owner modified the original system? My heart sinks if the answer is 'yes'. The majority of mods are appalling in their execution and naive in their conception but occasionally done with some thought but no details of what has been done or why, are passed to the next owner & no new wires labelled.

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Welcome in. On the bright side there is a lot of knowledge here to help you. One of the first things I'd recommend is find all the earth points and clean them up. If a vehicle has been in storage for sometime, the earth's can apper OK but still give problems. What state is the wire in generally? Any cracked or split insulation.

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