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Sherman replacement track


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Is there anyone with information of how well the new Sherman replacement track available from Staman Trading is holding up? End connectors, rubber wear? Feel free to PM or email with replies.




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Good video, but the music sure the video drops the music at 4 minutes in back at 8 minutes, oh well what where they thinking. Hope the company selling the tracks has the video with no music and a clean audio that's what people paying that kind of money are going to want to see and hear. Video at "0" miles and then at 200 miles would answer a lot of questions.


But it is really great that someone has invested the time effort and money in to producing new tank tracks hope they can make a decent profit on selling the tracks. Will bring more hanger queens out in to the light of day if they know that they can get new tracks. Should also help the value of Shermans.


Are these full new tracks or new rubber on old track sections?


Cheers Phil

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