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11 E Volkswagen Military vehicle assigned to Vehicle Coy 151


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Back in 2000, I bought this vehicle in Germany and have been restoring it a little at a time. It was delivered to Vehicle Coy 151, Lippstadt, Germany on 13 September 1952. I am trying to find any information about the use of this vehicle and possibly who the vehicle was assigned to.




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VERY nicely done little 'Bug'! These were used as GP run-around's as well. & also issued to the British Control Commission. To supplement the fleet of soft skin vehicles. On routine garrison liaison duties. Much more comfortable than a small 15 CWT Truck!


Soft skin as in this case, 'Specialist Vehicles'. Were not in the Army's general usage inventory during the war years, as combat vehicles with cross country capability was the priority.


These Beetles were constructed at the Former VW works from parts left over from German production. The story of Capt Ivan Hirst R.EM.E is well known. In the reconstruction & limited production commenced from the wreckage of allied attacks during the war.


Wolfsburg as well as other major manufacturing factories, were also pressed into use. As Major Workshop repair facilities for the maintenance & repairs on British Army Mechanical transport as well.


My Uncle was also involved in Gratz in Austria, at the Former Steyr Works for that exact task!


The Beetle has always bee a favourite of mine & I used to own a 1303, & also a 1944 Kubelwagen at one time. They are both so easy to work on! Typical German engineering! They thought about the mechanics who would have to work on them. I could get the engine out on my Beetle, in twenty minute's! ;)

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