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Deep Bronze Green or Camo


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Hey Everyone. I am new to the forum and need to get some thoughts on painting. My Series III Lightweight came to me in what I think is Deep Bronze Green (I am going to try to attach a picture of the color-it is not very good as to true color but it will give you an idea)..Is it what is called Deep Bronze Green? If anyone knows, when was that color used and also, what is the earliest that what I am calling European or NATO camo (camo pic) came in? Was the Deep Bronze Green used for certain units or certain area--does anyone know? Thanks, Bil

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that is satin finish NATO green, but most landys/bristish mv's come out of the factory that colour then get sprayed/over painted in black camo or sand.


if you look on my thread i used NATO satin paint in sand and green.


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The first photo looks like High Gloss, Deep Bronze Green. I have never seen a LtWt that was not close in colour to DBG on manufacture.


The second photo looks like IRR NATO Green with disruptive IRR Black that has faded a bit.


There seems to have been only one version of Gloss non-IRR NATO Green & that was was used as anti-slip paint on vehicles. There was also an IRR NATO Green non-slip paint. (I suppose a glossy paint couldn't be called non-slip)


To complicate things there was a High Gloss Olive Drab which could look like a glossy NATO Green. There was also a High Gloss Dark Green BSC 641 which could be mistaken for a dark DBG.

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