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Daimler Dingo NOS Screened Ignition Spark Plugs - KLG RE 41

David B.

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A recent tidy up in the barn has produced a small case of new old stock correct and original type spark plugs for the Daimler Scout Car with screened ignition.


The plugs - KLG RE 41 are in excellent unused condition having been stored in an airtight container since being in my possession for about 30 years.

The plugs are in their original cardboard boxes of 12 plugs, each in its individual carton wrapped in waxed paper as from new.



On the basis that every Dingo owner with screened ignition should have a set of new plugs with a spare set on the shelf,I am offering a box of 12 plugs for £120 plus postage.


Carriage in the UK £5 - Europe £10 - North America £15


Please contact me by PM. Telephone 07860 889524 or email dbelcher1949@hotmail.co.uk to reserve a box of 12.


David Belcher.

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