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History Repeats at Thorpe Abbotts - June 27th '07

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On the 27th June, I headed off to Station 139 - Thorpe Abbotts, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. For some time now, I've wanted to take my Jeep there and recreate a wartime picture that my Jeep scheme was based on. Having the Jeep in the area for 'Operation Bolero' gave me the ideal chance.


The museum itself began in 1977, and is probably the best museum to the 8th Air Force in England. The pictures below show the tower as it was found in 1977, and as it is today.






A great deal of work has been carried out over the years expanding the buildings to create more display areas, but with the founders of the museum 30 years on from the start, they are looking for new members to help run the place.


My picture recreation fortunately had good sunny weather, unusual for June this year. The original picture featuring the Group Engineering Officer, Eugene "Butch" Rovegno, was taken from the balcony of the tower, looking towards the Night Flying Equipment Store. The positioning of myself and the Jeep isn't exactly right, but close enough.



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While in uniform, I took the opportunity for some other pics, one of which is me on the tower, waiting for the bombers to come home.




I also forced Lynne into her HBT's for a photograph looking like she knows what she is doing with a spanner! Afterwards, I put on my flight kit for some other pics around the tower.











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