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where did shorlands served.


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Can anyone tell me where they served? by that I would like to know

whether they served in the Milddle East as I,d like to paint it in the

sand and green camo colours, I have seen a pic of one in this colour

scheme, but it looks like a post service shot, also would anyone be

intrested in a Shorland restoration topic in this section as Ive just started


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In the period 1966-69 there were 16 Mk 1 Shorlands supplied via The Ministry of Home Affairs to the RUC. All but one of the were issued with miltary numbers in the BT sequence for use by the UDR, Subsequentlty UDR acquired some (can't remember off hand maybe 50-60) Mk 3 Shorlands with 6cylinder.


But not all Mk3s had 6cylinders. I have a list somewhere but most small Arab, African states used them. I have seen them on the news in Pakistan & Lebanon, even the Greek Cypriot police had them & Dutch airport police had the anti-hijack version. Also the 17/21 Lancers had one & a SB301 APC, quite why I don't know.


I expect yours was exUDR why not paint it to restore it as it was in service? I know the one you mean that was sand & green but it was exUDR & anyway it ended up being painted the correct colour (IRR NATO Green)

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Because Shorlands were relatively inexpensive armoured vehicles, easy to drive and easy to maintain they found favour in many countries around the world for a variety of roles such as: border patrol, reconnaissance, convoy escort and mobile police duties. At least 38 counties have purchased Shorlands, among the known customers are British Army, RAF Police, RUC, US Marine Corps, Argentina, Botswana, Brunei, Burundi, Greece, Guyana, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, & United Arab Emirates. From time to time you can catch the glimpse of a Shorland on the TV news in hijack and siege situations somewhere around the world.



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Ah the RAF Police one is bit devious. "They" used SB401 at RAF St Mawgan? Cornwall. There was some suggestion that the US stored nuclear material there & high security existed by means of patrols in RAF Police marked SB401s. But the RAF numbers look like RAF serials but they are bogus, there are pics around of US servicemen in them - no RAF chaps to be seen. The bumper can just be read ith the intitials "USMC". Bob M did a thing in LRO many years ago. I think the idea was to underplay the US involvement. So the first two groups on the list are really the same!

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