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Replacement for Vanguard carrying Trident nuclear missiles


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With the Government agreeing to renew our Nuclear Ballistic Missile Deterrent, despite the cost, it does concern me slightly that by the time the new RN Subs are in service, new technology such as that in the attached photo, may make the proposed Subs redundant.


I'm not against such weapons but its not beyond the bounds of possibility that a number of hostile nations drones could be deployed to lurk in the areas covering exit and entry points to port and then 'track follow' our Subs wherever they go, and be ready to attack at a moments notice.


Its fairly well known that Subs can sit on the bottom and use existing wrecks to give cover from radar, and despite the fact that the open sea is 'International Waters' drones without a crew to capture might be tempted to come much closer. Sweden has found a lot of evidence that a certain nation has been illegally entering its lochs over the years.


Your thoughts?



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According to the news today a bigger problem seems to be persuading the "Facebook Generation" to leave their beloved social media for up to 90 days at a time. The Navy is having trouble recruiting submariners in general and engineering grades in particular because they can;t bear to be parted from social media whilst the Gov't is laying off the older hands faster.... Give it a few years and we'll have submarines that can't put to sea because they have no crew.

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