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snatch landrover door handle.


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Hi all,


Im am after a little help with my snatch landrover. The drivers door latch is partially missing so the door won't stay closed. I don't have a parts manual for this vehicle, can somebody advise me if the mechanism is the same as other defenders with lift up latches or if it's unique to the snatch.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Simon,


my my understanding is that the main part of the fitting is standard Landrover but that the shaft to the handle is longer (I think) so you can buy a standard door handle but you have to swap some bits. Apologies for being a bit vague but a garage did a lot of the early work on mine to allow it to get an MoT so it could be registered and driven from Lincolnshire to the North of Scotland. I have a receipt somewhere which has the part number for the door mechanism they replaced, but If I recall correctly they had to swap bits.


If you are on Facebook :undecided: you might want to ask to join the wmik/snatch group


hope that helps,


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