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Greetings from a New Member

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Hello from the wilds of New Mexico, USA! Thanks for letting me join what looks like a great resource for information and help. I've just acquired a 1980 Land Rover Series 3 109. It is former Dutch Military. I'm looking forward to learning more about it, and making it look more like it did when it was in military service. I don't know anything about when this vehicle came to the US, but I have been told that it was on a farm in Ohio, then a ranch in Texas, then we got it from a man in Mareno Valley, California. It will be displayed at the historic Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 in Tucumcari, and I'm sure our guests who visit from The Netherlands and other parts of Europe will enjoy seeing "Elsa" as we are calling her.


I have lots of questions about this interesting vehicle, so I'm glad I found this great site.


Thanks again, and looking forward to learning an "meeting" some of you!






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Welcome in. Jay Leno seems to think all British vehicles leak oil. Please understand this is not true! They are marking their territory. One essential thing of Land Rover ownership, is to learn to maintain your calm when some twerp goes 'Nice Jeep'. :D

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Thanks guys! We have had a couple of Toyota Landcruisers before, so I understand the "Jeep" thing from the uneducated and ignorant. As we were traveling home with the Land Rover, I overheard one guy tell someone he was walking with, "That's one of them Africa things." Yep!

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