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Clansman installation in my Saracen

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My installation comprises an IB3 connected to two CB2, with two headsets connected to each CB2. I also have a VRC353 connected to the IB3. Today I was testing my set up, with the following results:


- The intercom works fine.

- The VRC353 sends and receives to my PRC349 OK when it is operated in local mode with a headset connected directly to the 353

- The problem occurs when I try to operate the 353 via a headset on the intercom, in this instance I have the 353 set to remote and it receives from the 349 fine. However when I press the pressel switch on the headset connected to the intercom I find that the 353 transmit light comes on and the 349 goes quiet, but there is no voice transmitted or yet can I hear myself in the headphones when I press the pressel button (I hope this makes sense)


I have tried changing various settings on the 353 to no avail. Any ideas what might be wrong or incorrectly set up?


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