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Land Rover paint colour


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Thanks, just ordered a small tin of matt NATO green so will see how it turns out :D

Just a thought but most likely the colour has faded so if you purchase, say NATO green from some one like Marcus Glen you will be paying a lot more than the paint I paid for, 5Lts for £25 but more than likely will not match. I took mine along to the bloke I use and he matched it up perfectly. So didn't have to end up painting the whole Landy. Just touched in where needed. Trouble is if it has faded then what ever you buy is going to show when you apply the new paint next to the old.

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I wouldn't worry too much if it doesn't match. I know there is an understandable desire to make the vehicle look as smart as possible, but patch painting was perfectly legitimate in service & to my mind gives a very authentic look. But each to his own :D

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