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Sankey Trailer Brakes

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I am new to the forum well new to any forum really, don't often use computers so have no idea how to truly use these forum thingies, I have checked the search field for the answer and google and various others but cant find but it doesn't seem to help me with my query. anyway I am currently updating the Sankey trailer I have, I believe it is a 3/4 ton Sankey narrow track I believe but have no idea as there is no plate on the draw bar as I have heard most people mention.

Its got rod operated brakes and I had some spares so that part of it is working quite well. the only issue is the brake lining is very much thin, I could get them relined but want to just buy them off the shelf if I can, also need some new screws and a drum as one side is rusted beyond belief is there any chance of ever getting a new drum.


I have heard that series 2 109 inch rear brake shoes fit so do the rear drums also fit or are they a completely different entity, really would like to get some replacements before I drill out the old screws. I have checked a set of brakes from a series 3 and they were way to wide and wouldn't have fitted in the drums.


any help is appreciated to save me shelling out a load of money.





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