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Malkara ATGM Rare?

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We have recently acquired a Malkara ATGM for Ashworth Barracks Museum. Excluding the ones at Bovington on their Humber Hornet, are there any others around? Just trying to ascertain if these are indeed rare items.



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There are the two on the Bovington display Hornet, there are another two on the Hornet in storage which I used to have. There is one at Cosford & another at ABF Museum, Duxford. I had a couple that I sold some while ago. One turned up with a dealer about 20 years ago & was acquired by a Government department. There are probably quite a few lying on the seabed at Lulworth Cove!


The one you have is a Mk 1A which has enclosures for plug-in light units with a 44-watt bulb on upper & lower wings. If your wings match your motor there will be just 2 venturi, rather than 5 for the Mk 1.


Does it says PARA on the head that would make it rare?

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There is a Humber Pig Malkara, at the Saumur tank museum but do not know where it originates from


Niels it came from C.J.Evans Ordnance at Sturminster Marshall, Dorset.


I saw it being prepared there 30 years ago. (Please its a Hornet, not a Pig :D)


Got some picture somewhere.

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Niels ok there's a lot of misinformation out there so its a common mistake. The design was based on a Pig but the Hornets themselves were built on conversions of FV1601 trucks. Some assume they must have been based on the FV1602 FFW but not so as even the uprated charging of 25A was too piddly. Hornets had the original charging system removed & were fitted with 100A alternators.


Curiously one Hornet 21 BK 96 was later converted to a Pig


Here is a picture of the Hornet intended for Saumur being prepared. I was wrong it was 29 years ago not 30.



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