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Mystery Items!



Hi all

I recently bought a job lot of what consisted of mainly Larkspur and other post war radio bits.


I have managed to id the majority of it but there are some bits which I cannot seem to find anything about anywhere.


If anyone could give any idea to what they are that would be fantastic!


No1, I the were with 6 Gun control speakers so don't know if they are something to do with connecting those all up?


No2, junction box of some kind?


No3, A Lighting kit of sorts but cannot find any reference to it


No4, Something to connect battery terminals?


No5, CAV box of some kind



Probably more to come in a bit!










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Some more!


No6, Aerial box of some kind?


No7, Junction box of some kind?


No8, British Aerospace, something to do with testing equipment?


No9, Marked dunlop, some kind of flexible water hose, or an insulator for something?






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Item No.1


5820-99-900-9578 throws up only one result for a "polarity indicator" that was once on Spanish e bay. Curious that no NSN sites list it.


Often the NSN changes because the NSC (5820) is later seen to be inappropriate.


Searching just using the NIIN (99-900-9578) throws up the item as 5895-99-900-9578 "interconnecting box" which is fairly self evident.


No great clues from the new NSC 5895 = Miscellaneous communication equipment


Displacing the original NSC 5820 = Radio & television communication equipment (except airborne)


So you can get lots of hits now googling with 5895-99-900-9578 :D

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Clive, will get some pictures of the underside of No5, not sure why I didnt take any before as there was no base to it (can see right inside).

In regards to No1, yes I saw there was one on ebay quite a while back but the page had long expired and I couldnt view anything about it. It seemed a strangely illusive part which looks fairly standard


Item 4 , FV166354/2 : cable battery pos to radio junction box , LV6 /MT4/LU/815995

FV166353/1. : cable battery neg to radio junction box , LV6/MT4/LU/ 815996


both from F.F.W Champ


Interesting, Cheers!

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Can you do a photo looking into the connectors of no. 2 - it looks like a power distribution box / LT box of some kind - I have seen RACAL ones belonging with the TRA931/TRA9687 generation of export radios that look a bit like that but these look bigger ?



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