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Tyres from a tank?


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Can anyone identify origin of the wheels in these photos. The chap I got them off knew nothing of the background.

About the face of the tyre appears a darker strip as if it has been in contact with a section of track like from a tank or similar vehicle.

These are the right size ( 670 mm) to press on to my early Thornycroft front wheels.


Solid tyres band alt eml Feb 2015 042.jpg

solid tyres rim alt eml Feb 2015 040.jpg

solid tyres name alt eml Feb 2015 041.jpg

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I am quite certain that those wheels are not from a tank. The wheel disks and six very small studs would be far too fragile for AFV use where there are very high side loads from turning at low speeds. Also the sides that you show have no provision for the wear from the guide horns of the track. If the hidden sides have extra metal to rub against guide horns, and the wheels can be bolted back to back leaving a gap between the rims of an inch to inch and a half then I am wrong but I doubt it. There were of course Dunlop factories in Germany in WW2 so one does see German tank tyres with Dunlop written on them but again I don't think that is the origin.


If the size is right for your truck I think I would think myself lucky in your position.



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