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Demolition at Ludgershall


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As a slight aside. My very first posting when I was attached to 26 Engineer regiment. Was in Iserlohn B.A.O.R, & the barracks there. Were typical of ex WWII Whermacht Barracks. Termed during the Third Reich as 'Seydliz Kasserne'.

After the Prussian General of old.


It was then renamed by The Unit as Corunna Barracks. They seem to have transferred this name, on the units redeployment to the UK?


I enjoyed my 3 years there in Germany. & looked recently at a website. Of Former B.A.O.R unit Barracks & Locations there.

I was saddened to see that Corrunna had been handed back to the Germans. & my Old L.A.D Workshop area. Was now a Concrete Firms Base of Work!


The Accomodation Blocks had been converted internally to flats. & sold to the public. :embarrassed: They like MANY similar layouts

During my time during the Cold War. Interestingly, STILL had the Mauser rifle Racks in the walls of the Corridors!


It is saddening to Me, & I know a lot of others on Here. Who served in Germany. To see parts of our Lives, & indeed History. The Federal German Government, want to see demolished & 'Erased' from the History Books. As a time Period of 'Embarrasment' to the German nation!....:undecided:

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