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The Classic Car show report - person search regarding jeep


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Just seen an episode of the Classic car show shown originally on the 21st Jan this year.

There is an article about a guy called Chris Towns or Towens (? ) who has been collecting vintage vehicles for years including many 40s trucks. He also has a GPW with an ibm navigation device installed. This subject was glossed over before they moved on to an armoured Land Rover.


However my interest is in the jeep as mine had a similar device installed originally. No credit was given to Chris in the credits to confirm the spelling of his surname and wasn't that clear when the presenter announced it either.


Does any one know Chris or indeed, is Chris a member of this forum?

Would very much like to get in touch to find out more about his jeep.




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I remember seeing the episode that briefly showed the Odograph equiped Jeep, the programme was first broadcast a year or so ago, now showing repeats, was surprised to see an Odograph unit in the UK, complicated bit of kit, wonder how accurate it was?

A search on G503 turned up an old thread about a dealer who years ago found 30 NOS Odograph units and remembers selling one to someone in the UK, presume this is probably the one.


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