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MUIR HILL Loader/ Digger


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Hi All, I am quite new to the group and joined out of interest as i have recently been enlisted to help a friend of a friend who is retiring to sell some items. He has a massive yard and storage area and one thing I have found is an old Muir Hill Loader/ Digger. I am currently in discussions with Gloucestershire Archive centre as I have information that this particular vehicle started life out working on the coal in the Dover Harbour during the WW1. It runs and drives and will shortly be going into the dry area to have a proper look round it and find the numbers which are required to try to follow its life around the country.

If anyone recognises it or has any decent information I would appreciate it.


Many Thank and enjoy. John IMG_0764.JPG



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I am sorry to let you down but this kind of machine was new in the early 1950's. Google "Muir hill lh1" it comes up with a result from Commercial Motor which is a review of it as a new product printed 1951.



I should have said WW2 and the frame number is LH1382.

I have since been in touch with DVLA as I have a copy and the original tax disc on it dated 1939.

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Nice item though, very similar to the 'International Hough' Is it for sale?



So far is looks to be a 1939 with chassis number LH1382 and that is according to a copy of the tax disc I have on it as well.

It was up for sale but i think I have sold it to a buyer/seller of vintage machines. Just waiting to find out as to where it will be going.

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